What Secular Music Did To Me

In a world full of all types of music, both secular and gospel, we have to be very careful what we let into our minds because they ultimately become our thoughts, and finally, our actions. My love for music began at quite a young age. I would listen to songs based on the beats, never really bothering about the lyrics. As I grew older, I moved from the seemingly ‘innocent’ secular songs, to the sexually saturated ones. I never really saw anything wrong with them, to me they were just songs, right? Wrong!

My first sexual experience was to Miguel’s “How many drinks”, and I’m sure everyone who knows that song knows it’s filled with sexual content. This song made me flow with the act that was going on, and ta-da, my virginity flew out the window.

Much later in life, I developed an intense attraction towards The Weeknd and his songs. Over time, his songs started to slowly fill my thoughts with the idea that sex outside marriage, as well as cheating was a norm, and he made it seem so good. I would plug my ears all day and would listen to him croon softly. Coupled with an ex who would plug the HDMI cable to his laptop and fill the house with Abel Tesfaye’s intoxicating voice.

Eventually, I made a bucket list in which having sex to The Weeknd’s songs was the top item. Needless to say, I got it done.

As I began my walk with Christ and got closer to God. I found out the truth from scripture, I realised that songs that do not edify God, would ultimately point my thoughts towards things that are untrue, dishonourable, wrong, dirty and shameful.

Like I said before, these songs will invade your mind, and ultimately your thoughts. It is practically impossible to listen to songs that talk about having sex with multiple partners, or having threesomes, or asking how many drinks it would take to get a person you just met into bed with you (totally ignoring the fact that they might have STDs or even worse) without your thoughts being slowly tuned in favour of them.

To get out of the hold of secular music, I asked God to forgive me for purposely allowing myself be exposed to materials that perverted my thoughts.

“Repent of your wickedness and pray to the Lord. Perhaps he will forgive your evil thoughts, for I can see that you are full of bitter jealousy and are held captive by sin.” (Acts 8:2223 NLT)

Then, I began to look for songs and materials which would tune my thoughts back to God, songs which when I listened to them I would be able to worship God in spirit and truth, songs which if God and I were sharing earphones, he would be pleased listening to them. After which I asked the Holy Spirit to renew my thoughts and attitudes.

With all these done, I consciously began to exclude myself from activities which would expose to these songs.Definitely, there are times when I still come across these songs, but what I do is to plug my earphones and listen to an edifying song, or just try my best to zone out. This has worked a couple of times, so, I keep at it. 

Now, I’m not writing this to condemn any musician, but I would like to bring us to the awareness that songs that do not edify God will definitely be influenced by Satan, the Prince of darkness. They would gradually begin to shut out the light of the truth in you and would begin to blind you to the things of Christ.

Therefore, work extremely hard to continually keep your thoughts tuned to the things of Christ and watch him bless you.

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  1. February 20, 2017 / 6:54 pm

    I really enjoyed reading this post. And I think an important thing to note is that some people (even me in past) feel as though such music like that doesn’t affect them. But you said it best when you said, it does not edify God. Therefore, if it doesn’t give God glory why do it?

    • blacksistersnetwork
      February 20, 2017 / 8:08 pm

      We’re happy this resonated with you Toju!

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