Travelling is God’s plan for me

I love my eyes being exposed to new sights and wonders. I’m huge fan of nature and photography and travelling enhances this as it enables me to capture moments that will never reoccur in the same way again. It solidifies my faith in my relationship with Christ Jesus. Allows me to be confident in saying He is the creator of my world and universe. – ‘Getting Out’ by Emmanuel Sanya

A lot of us like travelling, we love the idea of being in new countries, experiencing new things and making new memories. The love of travelling is part of our Christ like nature, whether it be geared for global ministration or seeing the beauty of the world. It is only when you are looking out of an airplane window at such high altitudes that you can truly think about the depth of God and his creativity. I truly believe that God is the greatest artist that there ever was and travelling has enabled me to see His art pieces up close and personal.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Genesis 1:1

From my experiences and the experiences of friends, I’ve concluded that travelling does three things for a Christian.

One; you get to see just how creative and intricate God is. The time and detail that went into creating creation. From the happenings of nature and their adaptation to various environments, to the way the rivers and seas know their limits of flow, there is order to the chaos. If you only stay in your environment, you cannot truly say you understand God and the attention He put into the 6 days in which He created earth. How are you supposed to understand what the Bible says when it tells us that we have the ability ‘to move mountains’ when you’ve never seen a mountain in your life? How can you truly understand when God compared extent of the seeds of Abraham to the dusts of the earth and the stars in the sky when you’ve only ever lived in the city and never gone out to stare at the stars?

Two; you get to see just how diverse Christianity is. The church is not restricted to those who look just like you and the cultures you’ve seen around. There is so much more. Whilst travelling to Berlin, I found Christians who looked nothing like me with different cultures as myself, but who had just as strong a love for God as I did. It opened my eyes to the Church that Jesus wants to be establish, and also encouraged me to reach out to all likes of folks when sharing the gospel. When travelling to Kenya, I came in contact with ministers who worshipped God in their own language with their own melodies. It made me understand that God is a God of many. He didn’t give us one language but many and you are only limiting your understanding of Him if you only know His names in the language you grew up with. He is Elhaida, he is Adonai, and He is Yeshua. He has so many names in so many languages.

Three; it solidifies your faith and your relationship with God. God spoke to Abraham and said as far as your eyes can see that I have given you. If the whole earth has been given to us as an inheritance then we should at least get to see just how much it there is. The more you get to go out and see the world around you, ‘the more confident you are in saying He is the creator of my world and universe’.

If you have the privilege and opportunity to travel then go for it. It might be to a different country or to a different city, don’t be confined to what’s around you. There is so much to see and experience on this earth.


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  1. February 26, 2017 / 8:49 pm

    I completely agree. I love to travel and i’m blessed to get to do so quite often. Every time I fly, I am reminded of how incredible God is and how beautiful the land He gave to us is.
    *It’s always sweeter when you praise and worship God in your languages. Something i’ve come to realize.

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