The Waiting Game

Waiting on God can be tedious. You are praying about what you desperately want God to change but nothing is happening. You feel as though your prayers are falling on deaf ears or that God has forgotten all about you. We live in a time where we want God to do everything now and we want it our way. We forget that we are human and our desires are not always what is best. However, if God was to give us the things we wanted at the time we feel like we want it, would it really help us? Would it actually be good for us? Let’s be honest with ourselves.

The season of waiting is the moment we prepare our hearts for what is to come; it is the time where you grow up and become stronger, learning from your mistakes and becoming mature enough to be able to handle what God will give you. It is also a time where you tend to become more intimate with Him and allow the Holy Spirit to settle in your heart and work in it.

The aim of the game is simple:

Wait patiently for the Lord;
Be brave and courageous.
(Psalms 27:14)

Yes, wait patiently for the Lord. No one loses in this game, apart from the enemy.

I have played the waiting game before. I’ve waited for God to answer my questions, why some opportunities fell through, why I’m doing a degree I’m most likely not going to use in the future. I’ve waited for God to make things work. I’ve waited for God to provide for me. I’ve waited for His direction. I’ve pleaded. I’ve cried. I’ve vented but I remind myself that God is my strength, he gives it to me when I need it the most (Isaiah 40:28-31) and reminds me to take each day as it comes (Matthew 6:34). It is okay to have moments where you feel to open your heart to God and pour out your frustration. God wants us to be honest with Him. It is okay to be weak for when we are weak, we are made strong.

It is through this waiting period I have come to know how God can provide for me emotionally, one thing we tend to forget. I’ve been told and reminded throughout my whole walk with God that emotions change and that we should never act upon them. However, it should never be something to hide and ignore. During my season of waiting, there was a point where I neglected myself emotionally because I was way too eager with trying to let God’s will be done in the physical – I wanted to see God come through with the blessings coming from left, right and centre: job offers here, functional relationships there, financial stability everywhere. It was by force, then I’d get angry with God’s lack of cooperation then try again.

The key is patience. When you don’t have it, it is a hard thing to grasp. You will be asking God to a point where you are demanding Him. The desire is now no longer on God’s will to be done but for his will to be done your way. Your focus is so on that particular thing to a point where it may have become an idol and you may not know it. When you let go and let God do His job, pray that the Holy Spirit takes a hold of your heart, cleanses and changes it. As you do this, the fruits of the spirit will be produced and will become evident in your actions and thoughts.

When you start to see this through God’s eyes, you will learn to appreciate the beauty within something that occasionally seems lonely and empty. You tend to learn about yourself and you are able to witness your desires change as you communicate with God more. It is without a doubt a moment where you feel your faith is tested but stand firm; remember, “Faith shows the reality of what we hope for; it is the evidence of things we cannot see.” (Hebrews 11:1)

God will deliver in the timing that suits Him. What you may think is a delay to you is not a delay to God (Habakkuk 2:3). While you wait for the Lord, take delight in Him. Praise His name in advance, become closer with Him. He is your rock, your comforter, your healer and your provider. Do not feel discouraged, God can hear you. God sees your heart. He understands and He is preparing the thing you are praying for His way and will give it to you in His time.

Do not underestimate what God is doing in your time of waiting but praise Him in advance.

This brilliant post was written by Simone Ziel. We encourage our readers to explore their faith and write about it. If this sounds like something you’ll like to do, visit our submission page – here

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