Music Mondays: Tasha Cobbs Leonard

Scrolling through my Instagram feed, the name ‘Tasha Cobbs Leonard” catches my eye under a Nicki Minaj post. This is an anomaly, a misnomer even. These two worlds are unrelated. True, there has been some discourse regarding the propriety of Tasha Cobbs Leonard having Nicki Minaj as a featured artist on her new album, but given that this conversation about artist crossovers often repeat the same arguments, I paid it no mind. Problem was this also meant I paid very little attention to the release dates for Ms. Leonard’s album and so was very much out of the loop in terms of single release dates.

Playing in the video on Nicki’s Instagram post was the song ‘Your Spirit’ featuring Kierra Sheard and the snippet I heard had me rushing to YouTube for a full version. As a long-time lover of Mrs. Leonard’s work, I am always excited when she releases an album because apart from being a stellar vocalist, she is a worshiper. God’s love of worship is documented in the Bible. He loves to hear our voices raised in celebration of his wonder. Over and again, Tasha Cobbs Leonard produces work that does just that.

The song ‘Your Spirit’ is one of those songs that heals your heart. It is worship in its purest form. Asking God to ‘breathe’ on you, requesting his very essence: “the breath of life” is a show of understanding that we do this ‘not by might, not by power’ but by HIS SPIRIT.

There is a line in the song ‘You are the voice, we are your song’ that completely floored me.  It took me right to my knees. The idea that we are melodies God is creating. Through us, God has created beautiful music. When we listen to phenomenal music; like this very song, there is a serenity brought on by pleasure. Good music leaves us in ‘awe’ – an idea that is re-iterated in this song; ‘we stand in awe of you.’ If we look to God as a talented vocalist in the way we look at artists like Tasha, Whitney, Beyoncé, Tamela, Mariah, then our adoration should be endless.

Today fandoms have names, they are often categorized by their complete and utter surrender to the belief in their chosen artist as perfect. Much in the same way, God’s fans do have a name – CHRISTIANS. We are meant, never to lose sight of his perfection and should be out there proclaiming his majesty even when the backlash is overwhelming. The first thing that should define us to everyone around us is that we STAN for God.

Here’s the thing, the artists we STAN for are easy to support because they are malleable to changes of the world. They can adapt their presentation and marketing to suit trends thus keeping the favour of the many. God is absolute. He does not change. The same yesterday, today AND forever. Not swayed by trends, he is not always in popular favour. How easy is it to be a CHRISTIAN when popular consensus says that not on trend?

That’s the point of this song, recognising that we – despite being God’s beautiful song, are, on our own: flat. Without God as the voice, we are one note. ‘Not by might, not by power, by your spirit God. Spirit breath on us.’ Take it all to him because that which we fear is a walk in the park for God.

“Ye thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will not be afraid. For God is with me, my rod and my staff they comfort me.”


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